Tablet tooling

  • Punches & Dies For Tablet Compression

    Punches & Dies For Tablet Compression

    As an important part of the tablet press machine, the tableting Tooling are manufactured all ourselves and the quality is strictly controlled. At the CNC CENTER, the professional production team carefully designs and manufacturers each tableting Tooling.

  • Mold Polisher

    Mold Polisher

    Plug in the external power supply (220V) and turn on the power switch (turn the switch to the right to pop up). At this time, the equipment is in standby mode (the panel displays the rotation speed as 00000). Press the “Run” key (on the operation panel) to start the spindle and rotate the potentiometer on the panel to adjust to the required rotation speed.

  • Tablet Press Mold Cabinet

    Tablet Press Mold Cabinet

    Mold storage cabinets are used to store molds to avoid damage caused by collisions between molds.