Bottle and Jar solutions

  • Automatic Unscrambler for Different Size Bottle/Jar

    Automatic Unscrambler for Different Size Bottle/Jar

    The motor is driven by a gear drive to drive the bottle. The bottle in the bucket passes through the semicircular groove of the bottle, and the bottle is turned from the bottom of the bottle to the top of the bottle. The bottle in the semicircular groove passes through the bottle bottle bottle, Bottom up the bottle to flip the finished bottle. Adjust the speed between the warehouse and the management of the warehouse, making the warehouse to maintain a certain number of bottles into the bottle.

  • Automatic Electrical Counting Machine For Tablet/Capsule/Gummy

    Automatic Electrical Counting Machine For Tablet/Capsule/Gummy

    The transporting bottle mechanism let the bottles pass through the conveyor. At same time, the bottle stopper mechanism let the bottle still in bottom of feeder by sensor.

    Tablet/capsules pass through the channels by vibrating, and then one by one go inside of feeder. There installed of counter sensor which is by quantitative counter to count and fill specified number of tablets/capsules into bottles.

  • Automatic Candies/Gummy Bear/Gummies Bottling Machine

    Automatic Candies/Gummy Bear/Gummies Bottling Machine

    This is a type of high precision automatic counting machine.

    It adopt mature technology for counting and filling candies and gummies in bottles.

    The filling number can be easy set through touch screen.

    The advantages is with a small volume, stable operation and with a low noise. It is with is small and medium-sized food companies for an automatic counting and bottle equipment.

  • Counting machine with conveyor

    Counting machine with conveyor

    This machine is with conveyor which can instead of labor to put bottles after each time filling. Machine is with small dimension, no waste factory space.

    It also can be connected with other machines for production line to realize fully automatic.

  • Automatic Desiccant Inserter

    Automatic Desiccant Inserter

    The bottle blocking cylinder on the bottle conveying track of the bottle conveying mechanism blocks the bottles delivered by the upper equipment at the position of loading desiccant, waiting for the desiccant to be loaded, and the bottle mouth is aligned with the cutting mechanism. The step motor drives the bag delivering mechanism to pull out the desiccant bag from the desiccant bag tray frame. The color code sensor detects the desiccant bag and controls the length of the bag. The scissors cut off the desiccant bag and put it into the bottle. The conveyor belt of the bottle delivering mechanism conveys the medicine bottle of the desiccant to the next equipment. At the same time, the medicine bottle to be loaded is added to the position where the desiccant bag is loaded.

  • Automatic Screw Cap Capping Machine

    Automatic Screw Cap Capping Machine

    This set capping machine is fully automatic and with conveyor belt, it can be connected with automatic bottle line for tablets and capsules.The working process including feeding, cap unscrambling, cap conveying, cap putting, cap pressing, cap screwing and bottle discharging.

    It is designed in strict accordance with GMP standard and technological requirements. The design and manufacturing principle of this machine is to provide the best, most accurate and most efficient cap screwing work at the highest efficiency. The main drive parts of the machine are placed in the electric cabinet, which helps avoid the pollution to materials due to wear of drive mechanism. The parts in contact with materials are polished with high precision. Besides, the machine is equipped with safety protection devices that can shut down the machine if no cap is detected, and that can start the machine as cap is detected.

  • Alu Foil Induction Sealing Machine

    Alu Foil Induction Sealing Machine

    A. The machine adopts non-contact electromagnetic induction heating, make the bottle inside aluminum foil with bottle fusion, in order to achieve sealing purpose.

    B. This machine is fully functional guarantee aluminum foil seal mouth yield was 100%, and the design and installation without aluminum foil strip device.

    C. Domestic use of advanced inverter theory, electrical modular control;Using closed after the main loop of the feeder, stability is good.

    D. According to the output size to adjust current, voltage, time and the sealing speed can effectively control the sealing.

  • Automatic position and Labeling machine

    Automatic position and Labeling machine

    This solution can meet the customer’s requirements on all GMP, safety, health and environment in labeling and bottle line.

    This machine is mainly suitable for product labeling on various production lines in food, medicine, daily chemical, agrochemical, health care products, chemical and other industries. It can be equipped with inkjet printers and printers to simultaneously print the production date and batch number when labeling , validity period and other information.

  • Double sides flat bottle labeling machine

    Double sides flat bottle labeling machine

    The machine can meet the customer’s requirements for all GMP, safety, health and environment in the production line labeling production. The double sides labeling system is an ideal equipment for fast, automatic labeling of products such as square bottles and flat bottles in food, medicine, cosmetics and other light industry.

  • Automatic Round Bottle/Jar Labeling Machine

    Automatic Round Bottle/Jar Labeling Machine

    TWL100 applicable to the pharmaceutical, cosmetic and food industries more object container packaging automatic labeling, tile equipment with automatic detection and automatic target combination, to achieve automated labeling system in the container.

    1.PLC control system: automatic bottle, testing, labeling, code, alarm prompt functions.

    2.Send the device adopts the anti-slip wandering structure, error of 0.2 mm from top to bottom, to ensure accuracy of labeling.

    3. Optional accessory: for unscramble bottle machine, bottle machine, collecting plate, hot stamping printer or spurt the code machine, etc.

    4.System matching: bar code detection, bar code reader, on-line detection of product, the microcode printing and scanning.

  • Sleeve Labeling Machine

    Sleeve Labeling Machine

    Descriptive abstract As one of the equipment with high technical content in the rear packaging, the labeling machine is mainly used in food, beverage and pharmaceutical industries, condiments, fruit juice, injection needles, milk, refined oil and other fields. Labeling principle: when a bottle on the conveyor belt passes through the bottle detection electric eye, the servo control drive group will automatically send the next label, and the next label will be brushed by the blanking wheel grou...
  • Bottle Feeding/Collection Rotary Table

    Bottle Feeding/Collection Rotary Table

    This machine can be equipped to work with fully automatic counting and filling line. The turntable rotation will continue to dial into the conveyor belt, into the next process work. Easy operation,it is an indispensable part of the production.

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