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TIWIN INDUSTRY own a staff team with 200+ people which consists of technical group, quality supervision team, overseas sales, domestic sales, customer service and workers.

More than 15 thousand square meters of factory, equipped with raw material processing center, CNC center, electrical control center, assembling workshops, tiwin lab, storages and offices.

According to the engineers’ consistent innovation work, TIWIN INDUSTRY finds solution to maximize production speed and product quality for complex applications and products.

We provide our products and service with global market for more than 50 countries, and also offer maintenance service as well as spare parts supply.

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Main Business

Tablet Press

• Pharmaceutical tablet press
- High performance , more stable, more efficient.
- Various type of tablets, such as single layer, double layer, tri-layer and any shape.
- Max rotation speed 110/min.
- Flexible multi-functional customizable services. Based on different customer's requirements, we offer different functional combinations to saving cost for our customers.

• Application
- Chemical industry. Such as dishwasher tablets, cleaning tablets, salt tablet, disinfectant tablet, naphthalene, catalysts, batteries, hookah carbon, fertilizers, snowmelt agents, pesticides, solid alcohol, watercolor, denture cleaning tablets, mosaics.
- Food industry. Such as chicken cubes, seasoning cubes, sugar, tea tablets, coffee tablets, rice cookies, sweeteners, effervescent tablets.

• Production line solution
In our tiwin laboratory, we perform tablet pressing test. Upon successful test result along with the customers’ needs analysis, an entire production line will be designed by the engineer team.

Capsule Counting Machine

• Automatic capsule counting machine series and semi automatic capsule counting machine series

• Pharmaceutical industry and applications
- 000-5# All Size Capsules
- All size tablet
- Gummy, candy, button, filter cigarette holder, dishwasher tablet, laundry beads etc.

• Design entire production line and provide all equipments, from A to Z

Capsule Filling Machine

• Automatic capsule filling machine series and semi automatic capsule filling machine series

• Vacuum-assisted dosers and automatic capsule feeder

• Capsule polisher with rejection

• Design entire production line and provide all equipments

Packing Machine

• Provide solutions of packing line

• Design entire production line and provide all equipments

Spare Parts

Our spare parts workshops are dedicated to provide our customers with genuine spare parts with the highest quality and appropriate function. We will build detailed profiles of machine components and accessories for every customer, guarantee that your request will be handled quickly and appropriately.



For technical service aftermarket , we promise as below

- Warranty for 12 months;

- We can provide engineer to your local for setting machine;

- Complete operating video;

- 24 hours technical support by email or FaceTime;

- Supply machine parts for long- term.


To Provide our customers with the overall installation of the entire production line and to help customers start the normal operation immediately. After installation, we will conduct inspection of the entire machine and operation equipment, and provide testing data reports of installation and operation status.


To offer training facilities as well as training services to different customers. The training sessions consist of product training, operation training, maintenance k now-how and technical know-how training, all of which are tailored to fulfill individual customers’ needs.Train ing programs can be conducted in our factory or at the customer’s selected venue.

Technical Advice

To coordinate customers with trained service personnel and provide the detail ed and extensive knowledge about the specific machine. With our technical ad vices, the machine service lifespan can be significantly prolonged and sustained with functional capacity.

TIWIN INDUSTRY is interested in a long- term solution partnership with its customers.

Our everlasting willingness to secure our customers’ value for investment.

Capsule/tablet bottling workshop

We provide a complete line of design solutions and equipment
Tell us your needs and we will act for you immediately

Tablet press workshop

We provide pharmaceutical and applied powder molding design solutions and complete production line equipments
Tell us your needs and we will act for you immediately

Capsule filling machine workshop

We provide fully automatic production lines for capsules
Tell us your needs and we will act for you immediately