GZPK720 Double sided automatic tablet compression machine with pre pressure up to 100KN for Pharmaceuticals

This is a type of fully automatic and smart rotary tablet press with high speed. the GZPK720 is the ideal solution for the production of high unit quantities of mono-layer and bi-layer tablets. It is with two compression force stations for best performance.  The machine has the servo motors for the adjustment of the pressure rollers and three optional functions: ejection force display, measuring force display and upper punches running resistance display.

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● Main pressure and Pre-Pressure all are 100KN.

● Force feeder consists of three paddle double-layer impellers with central feeding which guarantee the flow of powder and ensures the accuracy of feeding.

● With tablet weight automatic adjustment function.

● Tooling parts can be freely adjusted or removed which is easy for maintenance.

● Main pressure,Pre-Pressure and feeding system all adopt modular design.

● The upper and lower pressure rollers are easy to clean and easy to disassemble.

● Machine is with central automatic lubrication system.





No.of punch stations 51 65 83 89
Punch type DEU1’’/TSM1’’







Max.turret speed (rpm) 100
Main compression (kn) 100
Pre compression (kn) 100
Max. Output (pcs/h) 612000 780000 996000 1068000
Max. tablet diameter (mm) 25 16 13 11
Max.filling depth(mm) 18
Main motor oower(kw) 11
Pitch circle diameter (mm) 720
Weight (kg) 5500
Dimensions of tablet press machine (mm) 1300X1300X2000
Dimensions of cabinet (mm) 890X500X1200


380V/3P 50Hz *can be customized


● Pressure is measured directly by force transducer.

● Main pressure roller and Pre-pressure roller are same dimension that can be used interchangeably.

● Both main pressure wheel and Pre-pressure wheel are adjusted by synchronous motors for a fast adjustment high precision.

● Force feeder consists of three paddle double-layer impellers with central feeding.

● All filling rails curves adopt cosine curves, and lubricating points are added to ensure the service life of guide rails. It also reduces the wear of punches and noise.

● All cams and guide rails are processed by CNC Center which guarantee high precision.

● Filling rail adopt the function of number setting. If the guide rail is not installed correctly, the equipment has an alarm function; different tracks have different position protection.

● Frequently disassembled parts around the platform and feeder are all hand-tightened and without tools. This is easy to disassemble, easy to clean and maintain.

● The measuring mechanism uses servo motor to drive the worm gear pair for move up and down by fast speed and high precision.

● The dust collection mechanism is designed with a five-layer building block structure to ensure the dust suction mechanism can be cleaned thoroughly and that the product has no risk of contamination.

● Fully automatic and no hand-wheels control, the main machine is separated from the electric control system, which guarantee machine for a life time working.

● Lower punch damping adopts permanent magnetic damping, the lower punch and the damping pin are not in contact, prolonging the service life of the l punch, and ensuring the consistency of the lower punch damping, avoiding the jump and freedom of the lower punch under high-speed operation The drop punch reduces the noise during operation.

● The middle turret material is 2Cr13, the surface hardness can reach above HRC55. It has good hardness, wear resistance and corrosion resistance.

Corrosion-resistant treatment for material contact parts. (2)

● The upper and lower turret material is QT600, and the surface is coated with Ni phosphorus to prevent rust; it has good wear resistance and lubricity.

● Corrosion-resistant treatment for material contact parts.

GZPK720 fully automatic and smart rotary tablet press with high speed (4)
Corrosion-resistant treatment for material contact parts. (1)

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