Doypack Packaging Machine Doy-Pack Packaging Machine For Powder/Quid/Tablet/Capsule/Food

Auto open zipper and open the bag—auto feed—auto seal and print expiry date—output finished bag.

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10 Heads Weigher Doypack Packaging Machine  (3)
10 Heads Weigher Doypack Packaging Machine  (2)

1.Adopt linear design, equipped with Siemens PLC.

2.With high weighing accuracy, automatically fetch the bag and open bag.

3.Easy to feed the powder, with humanity sealing by controlling the temperature (Japanese brand: Omron).

4.It is the premier choice for saving cost and labor.

5.This machine is specially design for medium and small companies for agriculture medicine and food domestic and abroad, with good performance, steady structure, easy operation, low consumption, low investigation and high automation, etc.


1. Small size, low weight to be manually put into the lifter, without any space limitation.

2. Low power requirement, voltage can be customized.

3. With 4 operation positions, easy maintenance and high steadily.

4. Fast speed, easy to be matched with other equipments.

5. Multi-function operation, run the machine by pressing only one button, no need professional training.

6. Good compatibility, it can suit different types of irregular shapes of bags, easy to change the bag types without adding extra accessories.

10 Heads Weigher Doypack Packaging Machine  (4)

Technique features

10 Heads Weigher Doypack Packaging Machine  (5)

1. Fully automatic packing process, no need manual operation

2. The parts touches with the food are SUS304,according to the standard of GMP.

3. Intelligent sensing, sealed the bags when it is full of food, stops when there is empt that save material.

4. Adopt with Siemens PLC, French brand of Schneider electric components controlled , with steady function and long life.

5. Use Japanese brand of Omron temperature controller to automatically compensate the temperature to seal nicely on the seam.

6. Adopt Taiwan Airtac air cylinders with long working life and easy to change.

7. The feeder devices can be cleaned by water directly, but needs to avoid the electric components.

8. For packing powder, we can add air sucking device or add glass cover to avoid powder flying out.

9. This machine is assorted with zip opening device, suitable for zipper bag.





Max.capacity (bags/minute)

30 (based on 210g per bag)


380V 3phases 50/60Hz

Suitable for bag size

W120-210mm  L150-350mm

Air consumption


Sealing temperature


Machine dimension

1540*1300*1400mm (L*W*H)



Type of bag opening

Use auto sucker to open the bags

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